Sales via several different channels can be aggregated into a single dataset to analyze SKU performance in all distribution channels.

SKU conversion

You sell several different variants of products, including bulk sales. Each variant has a separate SKU. However, you only want to see the main SKU in your reports and not the variants.

To accomplish this, you can create an SKU conversion table in a spreadsheet, and based on the table, Conduit can transform codes and quantities in the reports.

Custom dimensions

Group data by dimensions that matter to your business and have the ability to analyze down to the creative level.

To group data this way, you need additional dimensions.

For example, you may work with several different agencies and want to create an aggregate report for these agencies. However, Facebook’s ad platform doesn’t provide specific dimensions for these agencies.

Fortunately, Conduit can create new dimensions for your agencies by extracting and processing keywords and other data from Facebook campaigns.