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The frontend component and data integration for building end-user-facing numerical ChatGPT based analytics

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How it works

SaaS Application Reporting with ChatGPT
Increase user retention with fast and flexible reporting, powered by Chat GPT, connected to your database.

Insert powerful AI reports into your product with just a few lines of code.
Enterprise Reporting and Discovery
Enable ChatGPT powered reporting and discovery, across company internal systems.

ChatGPT powered UI for internal BI systems like PowerBI and Looker
Augment ERP UI
Fix atrocious front end of ERPs.
Conduit allows your team to get insights out of your system with simple language and slice and dice the information by asking questions.

Turn user frustration into user joy.
Augment Looker / PowerBI and other BI systems
Reduce lags and time to value for existing deployed enterprise BI tools.
BI systems weren’t created for business users. To make a change you have to ask the data team and wait for weeks.

Conduit allows you to build an adhoс report based on existing BI sources quickly, when you need it.
Cleanup CRMs and Excel spreadsheets
Cleanup your data automatically with rules expressed as plain english instructions.
  • For each client in CRM, you need to look at whose lease expires in 2026 and they are located in Midtown South.
  • Then you need to send them a letter.
  • If the email was Bounced, it should be noted that the email is out of date and you need to find another way to contact the client.
  • If the letter is not answered, then you need to resend the letter.
  • Based on the results of the week, you need to create a report in Excel
IT infrastructure data consolidation
Seamlessly connect databases, applications, and unstructured text data within various silos and get insights and answers about your infrastructure in minutes not weeks.
Enterprise Information is trapped in silos.

Currently, accessing infrastructure information in large companies often involves a convoluted manual process of navigating between multiple communication channels. traversing various disciplines like networking, storage, and compute can lead to hours or even days spent gathering information. This complexity is amplified in enterprises with numerous IT infrastructure teams, each specializing in different disciplines.
Investment decisions
Reduce lags and time to decision when making investment and loan decisions.
Merge spreadsheets from clients with financial data and ask questions like:

  • "What products  profited more than $250K?"
  • "What services generated worse user feedback?"
  • "Who among employees has data science experience?"
Integrate Conduit in minutes, not months
  • 1. Connect a data source: database, data warehouse, data lake, spreadsheets, semi-structured.
  • 2. Create report and dashboards in our portal
  • 3. Add UI components to your product
Semantic layer
Define SQL views to decide what tables and columns to hide and show, and join together tables.
Access Control
Authentication and row-level security to keep your customer data safe.
ETL Pipelines
No custom integrations needed. We implemented integrations with all popular data sources.
Check all of the security boxes for your enterprise customers
  • Host on-premise
  • Row-level permissions
  • SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant
  • Code Runs in Your Codebase - No iFrames