Demand and feedback


The company that developed Conduit is not new to the data collection or mobile app arena. We have developed and successfully marketed other products and know what works well. We also have an intimate knowledge of our customer’s known and unknown needs. In fact, the founders did develop the same type of product for vertical Mobile Apps previously. After they sold that company in 2018, they found out there was a demand to get rid of this pain in other verticals where performance marketing is the core competency of business. From this demand, Conduit was born. 

What our customers are saying:

John Zdanowski, Co-founder at Assembled Brands - investor to DTC brands
“Every DTC brand faces the challenge of building performance metrics for marketing spend, again and again. Marketing experts waste a lot of time on data processing and still fail to achieve the desired level of data quality. We need a tool to automate this process.”

Katie Fellenz, Head of Marketing at Trust & Will - Estate planning SaaS
“Every department in my company has its own reporting. They never match. We need a root source of truth. We have to employ data engineers.”

Liz Vollman, Vice President of Marketing at General Assembly – Educational Industry
“The more advertising networks we add on, the worse the situation is with data quality. Our company had to open a position of VP of Data.”

Greg Moser, President & CTO at ShipCalm - eCommerce Fulfillment & Logistics
“I have an engineering background, so we built a basic marketing data processing pipeline ourselves. But this means going down the rabbit hole – each new step to increase data granularity requires 10x time investments.”