Universal API for Commerce Data

Connect to any platform.

Get a holistic view of any business and gain the full picture of a business' commerce and accounting data with our comprehensive suite of read and write APIs.

Stop worrying about transformations, mapping, and data stitching. Get data from any platform in the same format.

Build an App for Merchants and Marketers

It is often better to outsource integration work to a third party instead of exhausting the resources of your engineering team.

When working with Conduit, you can roll out these new integrations in a matter of days and onboard new merchants on new platforms.

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Simple client-side connection.

Leave the coding to the developers. Your users will access a simple interface to complete the connection to Conduit.

ETL + Connectors + Datawarehouse + Transformation

Get all your ETL data pipelines running in minutes, even your custom ones. And let your team focus on the essential goals like insights and innovation.

Plug and play with 100+ out-of-the-box connectors.

Customize our connectors or build your own with our SDK. Connectors run in Docker containers so that you can use the language of your choice.