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How it works

1. All your  sales  team data — in just one spreadsheet 
Easily connect to Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, Jira, Google Analytics, Quickbooks, Zendesk, Stripe and many others.
2. Customize and  preview  before   importing 
Choose the data you want.Choose breakdowns.Leverage flexible & robust data filters.
3.Your data gets imported  into   your  spreadsheet   in a  seconds 
You can now focus on building your analyses and reports
4. Schedule an automatic  refresh up  to every 15  minutes 
Monitor your reports + KPIs from Slack & email

Consolidated sales data

Analyze sales data from Pipedrive easily — Conduit has collected all the needed data in one spreadsheet for you

Track your sales accounts swiftly

Monitor client account activity and sales rep performance to win deals. Powered by live CRM data.

Sales pipeline dashboard created for your team

Get a comprehensive visualization of your rep's and team's rankings in terms of win rate, opportunities created, closed won/lost, and other business metrics.

Create real leaders with sales leaderboard

Track the sales performance of your company, teams, and sales reps with leaderboard dashboards in Google Sheets. Find out who has the highest win rate, the best pipeline creation stats, the shortest opp lifecycle, etc.

Keep an eye on your sales performance

Summarize your annual results by opportunity type, industry, region, and account. Monitor yearly sales results and other core KPIs.

I’m more than delighted that Conduit has helped us set up daily reporting from Pipedrive into spreadsheets to analyze sales and team performance.

Thanks to Conduit, now the process of paying KPI-based bonuses is 100% automated.

Mike Sommer
VP of Sales

Win/loss analysis made easy

Spot how the win rates of your company, team, or individual change over time.Recognize performance trends timely to increase wins and reverse losses.

Predict sales opportunities

Foresee your future sales destiny. Track your team’s opportunities along with its targets to see clearly what’s ahead.

All sales operations right where you need them

Make your sales toolset even better. Core charts, metrics, and filters you need to track performance and boost sales.

Merge sales targets with your goals

Filter your sales targets by team or opportunity type, and easily track progress by month, quarter, and year. You can now see if your sales are large enough to meet your goals!

As a Conduit user, I now have a single source of clear Pipedrive sales data which allows me to see the strengths and weaknesses of our sales team and manage it effectively.

My team no longer spends time filling out the reports manually, so more time for actual work with clients.

John Trigson
Sales Director at Trufan

Tons of manual work 👎

You spend too much time and money on collecting needed data from Pipedrive and struggle to manage that work without analysts and an engineering team.


Automated analytics 👍

You delegate analytics to Conduit and spend only 2 minutes a day to download the needed report. 100% code-free. No extra hands or knowledge required.

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