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Private LLM for numerical data with the frontend component and 500 built-in data integrations.

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Four data challenges in Insurance

Data team is overloaded

This can result in neglect of important projects or areas within the organization. The quality of data analysis might suffer, leading to inaccurate insights and potentially flawed business decisions.

Data silos

Accessing information in large companies involves a convoluted manual process of navigating between multiple applications and can lead to hours or even days spent gathering information.

Delays in access to data

The data team is overloaded and doesn’t have the right tools to answer data questions quickly. Teams can’t move fast enough to significantly impact the business and continue to operate mainly in the dark.

Unclean data

Data errors, inconsistencies, and missing values can significantly skew results, leading to faulty conclusions.

Make your own enterprise LLM for your application
Enable ChatGPT-like powered reporting and discovery, across company internal systems.

Conduit employs LLM to generate Python scripts for managing data pipelines and processing data queries, while offering a user-friendly interface for non technical end-users.

Lakehouse for Insurance

Unified data and AI platform

A single platform that brings together all your data and analytics workloads to enable transformative innovations for modern insurance institutions.

Partner solutions

The world’s leading solution providers are building for the Lakehouse for Insurance. Take advantage of pre-built offerings that accelerate data-driven transformation.

Tools to accelerate business outcomes

Databricks and its partners have created a full range of Solution Accelerators that make it easy to tackle common insurance use cases, from ESG investing to fraud prevention.

Industry collaboration

Enable secure and open data sharing with our data ecosystem — featuring S&P Global, Intercontinental Exchange, FactSet and Nasdaq — to unlock innovations that drive sustainable value creation.

Transforming Insurance with Copilot AI

“S&P’s data and AI vision is powered by Conduit Copilot AI. We use it to process huge amounts of complex financial data to create insights for our clients. Conduit is also an important part of our efforts to modernize data delivery and consumption. It enables us to seamlessly deliver data directly to teams, so our clients can analyze and integrate mission-critical data quickly without having to move terabytes of data around.”


Risk Management

Rapidly deploy data into value-at-risk models to keep up with emerging risks and threats.

Legacy Cards and Core Banking Portfolios Modernization

Enable rapid conversion from external source systems and achieve a fully configurable and industrialized conversion capability.

Model Risk Management

Bring a more transparent approach to model risk management through automated documentation and integrated data visualization.

Timely and reliable transmission of regulatory reports

Combine financial services industry data models with the cloud to enable high governance standards with low development overhead.

ESG scoring

Take a quantitative view into sustainability and ensure companies are accountable for their actions.

Modern risk management

Adopt a more agile approach to risk management by unifying data and AI in the Lakehouse.

Identify fraud with geospatial analytics and AI

Use geospatial data to better understand customer spending behaviors in terms of both who they are and how they bank.

Transaction enrichment with merchant classification

Automate transaction enrichment to better understand your customers’ behaviors and drive hyper-personalization.

Rule-based AI models to combat financial fraud

Modernize fraud-prevention strategies to reduce operational costs and increase customer trust.

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