Your Agency's Catalyst for Automated Data Management and SaaS
Conduit integrates with a wide array of SaaS platforms, major ad networks, and leading e-commerce platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage across your digital marketing landscape.
Multi-Workspace Management
Consolidate and manage each client's data effortlessly in separate workspaces. Simplify reporting and deliver custom, branded insights with our white-label feature, keeping clients updated and informed seamlessly.

Explore More Advantages with Conduit

Customizable Client Dashboards

Empower your clients with Conduit's customizable dashboards – tailored insights at their fingertips, enhancing your agency's value proposition

Affiliate Program

Join the affiliate program and unlock new revenue streams for your agency through lucrative partnership opportunities.

Real-Time Analytics Engine

Stay ahead with the real-time analytics engine - make data-driven decisions instantly, keeping your agency agile and informed

White-Labeling Capabilities

deliver custom-branded reports and analytics seamlessly.

Client Collaboration Tools

Enhance client engagement with the collaboration tools - streamline communication and project management within a unified platform

Dedicated Customer Success Manager for Agency partners

Our team of seasoned experts is here to guide you every step of the way

Revolutionize Your Agency Reporting with AI-Powered Analytics

Chart new paths for your agency with Conduit: Utilize our ChatGPT-infused analytics for insightful, data-driven narratives that captivate and convert clients

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How it works

Agency-Focused Reporting with ChatGPT
Revolutionize your agency's approach to SEO and marketing with Conduit's ChatGPT-driven reporting, versatile enough to integrate with a range of marketing tools.

Implement AI-enhanced insights with minimal coding, and transform the way you strategize and measure the impact of your marketing campaigns